Windream Development

windream® is a leading content and document management system and one in which we have unrivalled expertise.

Although we can work with any solution that meets the needs of your business, no other system offers such a comprehensive suite of features. In fact, windream® ECM is the only enterprise content management system to be integrated into the Windows operating system.

windream® services we offer include:

  • Implementation of windream® MSQ, a versatile scanning and indexing application.
  • Implementation of CCcapture, for larger volumes of scanning and greater automation in terms of reading or identifying bar codes and performing OCR.
  • Integration with Outlook and Exchange.
  • Integration with CCweb, allowing users to view documents online.
  • Integration with the windream® file system archiving module.
  • Integration with SAP and other enterprise applications.

If you’re a Windows-based legal, or professional services firm, the chances are that windream® will meet your needs more cost-effectively than any other solution.