Document Management

There are many reasons organisations turn to automated document management. Usually, they’re drowning in paper, they have trouble accessing files from off site, or their audit trails and filing could be better.
We can help you achieve that dream of the near-paperless office with solutions that include:

  • Document scanning and management
  • Electronic filing
  • Email archiving

Our document management products are straightforward to implement and use. They’re proven and highly affordable. And they’re being used today, by everything from small to medium-sized companies to large law firms and major clearing banks.
Heading our suite of document management products is windream®, for which we’ve been appointed the sole UK and Ireland distributor. It’s a world-class Windows-integrated solution for document management, archiving and workflow. On top of windream®, we also supply egami, a simple and affordable answer to reducing paper and delivering easy desktop access to documents and business information. With a 20-year pedigree, egami is the document scanning, filing and work management system of choice for all types and sizes of organisation.
The benefits for your business include:

  • A reduced emphasis on paper records as the primary means of storing and accessing information
  • Documents and business records in a unified and secure environment
  • Faster and better-quality communications
  • Streamlined performance of document-intensive business processes