Bespoke Software Development

At Charles Street, our core competency is building software. Behind the technology we create lies our teams’ vast knowledge, based on experience gleaned from right across the software industry. Through our Agile Software Development service, we have a proven track record of designing, developing and supporting custom software solutions for our clients.

We translate complex business requirements into state-of-the-art, easy-to-use solutions that meet the needs of enterprises across many different business sectors. Working in long-term relationships with clients and partners, we offer ongoing support and maintenance, plus an update/upgrade service.

Custom applications include the development of visually appealing websites and portals, off-the-shelf (OTS) desktop applications and mobile apps, which are designed to make your customer’s life easy. Tailor made for your specific business requirements, we ensure that applications developed at CSS can be easily integrated with your business functions, from your BI workflow to social media.

We develop applications that are optimised for your business rather than changing them to fit in with the way application is developed. This approach ensures that your employees are more productive and your business more profitable.

Whether yours is a new project, or just taking over maintenance of an existing program, our experts will apply rigorous project management and quality-assurance techniques to give you the result you need. Whatever your organisation needs, you’ll be working with a partner that can help you plan, design and implement a solution tailored perfectly to your needs.