Managed Infrastructure

From a tailored, fully-managed service for IT consultancy to a complementary infrastructure and hosting service for existing IT departments, our expertise enables far greater alignment of IT with business objectives.

We operate a dedicated datacentre facility in London and a secondary replicated at a geographically dispersed location. Our approach to information Security is audited to ISO 27001.

Our range of services includes:

Hosted, managed IT infrastructure

Hosted, managed IT infrastructure delivered from our own datacentre facilities.

Local IT environments managed remotely

Local IT environments managed remotely – we become your IT-Department.

Fully hosted desktop

Fully hosted desktop (VDI), including hosted Exchange, SharePoint and MS Office.

Fully-managed IT support service

A fully-managed IT support service for your infrastructure, including a 24/7 service desk.

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Help Desk

Operating 24/7 from our Central London location, our fully automated service desk system dictates the end-to-end resolution of all open tickets by systematically guiding our professional team through each step.

The ITIL-structured ticketing system and intelligent call-prioritisation software guarantees a rapid response and a two-hour delivery of hardware in central London (e.g. mobile phone or Blackberry).

We invest heavily in our staff compared to our competitors and run our Service Desk to ITIL standards. Each team member is fully ITIL accredited and will resolve issues immediately whenever possible. For your convenience a single contact is available to keep you informed throughout the process.

Hosted IT Services

We provide our clients with a range of outsourced hosted services including:

  • Hosted, Managed IT infrastructure delivered from our own Datacentre facility
  • Hosted desktop, including hosted Exchange, SharePoint and Microsoft Office.

By choosing hosted services, clients are able to tailor their operating systems and support options by adopting our scalable per user, per month scheme. This avoids steep initial hardware and software investments, and the need to keep specialist IT staff in-house –with huge benefits in terms of both cost and focus.

Hosted services enable businesses to deploy enterprise-level solutions without the risk of a large investment or deployment times.

  • Scalable, hassle free IT, looked after by experts
  • IT services on demand with “five 9s” up-time
  • Easy accessibility to data with world-class security.

A hosted IT solution offers considerable efficiencies and cost savings. Our Application Hosting, for example, is a centralised way of provisioning your day-to-day IT requirements without the headache of individually managing on-site systems.

Our state of the art 24/7 data centre delivers:

  • Substantial economies of scale
  • Fixed cost/low initial outlay
  • Scalability, up and down
  • Instant access anywhere
  • Minimum downtime and maximum resilience
  • Energy efficiency
  • Security

Application Hosting (SaaS)

Application hosting enables a business to reduce their involvement in maintaining a server environment in their own offices, allowing them to focus on their core operations instead. By combining the features of our data centre with application hosting, we are able to deliver an IT function as reliably as an electricity supply, optimising output and freeing-up time.

Business Continuity (including BUaaS and DRaaS)

Business Continuity is a fundamental requirement for all businesses and should be aligned to a company's specific needs in terms of form and depth of the plan. Using the resilience of our data centre, we provide a compliant environment for cloud-based backup and disaster recovery at a fraction of the cost you would otherwise have to consider.


A traditional computing environment with numerous servers can sometimes appear fragmented, difficult to manage and costly. Running multiple virtual servers side by side on the same hardware platform, whether in our data centre or at your offices, offers the consolidation of IT systems and infrastructure. Virtualisation is also an essential tool in any recovery strategy beyond the cost saving aspect of hardware management.



Traditional, backup solutions require physical media to be swapped and moved offsite. Over time, media degrades and must be replaced. It is costly to manage, and typically slow and unreliable – particularly for critical data-restorations.

With our hosted backup solution, however, there’s no physical media for you to consider. Data is replicated offsite automatically, continually, and securely. Through Continuous Data Protection (CDP), data is directed to our own highly available, and secure data centres. Our solution continually checks and updates your backups ensuring they are correct and ready when you need them – which means you get your data back on time, every time.

For very large environments, we can create a local sync between your Source data (Server OS, apps and data) and the Target location (storage appliance or another server) and then physically move the Target device to our data centre. After that, only the changes and updates are synchronised. This is especially useful if you have limited or slow external bandwidth.

No more backup windows – fast backup, replication and recovery.

  • Near-instant recovery (unlike tape and more manual processes).
  • Scalable architecture – protect large amounts of data without hassle
  • Restorations in seconds, not hours or days.
  • Customisable SLAs to meet your exact RPO/RTO and specific data-retention policies.
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Disaster Recovery

How long can your business function without critical services? It’s a rhetorical question.

A geographically-dispersed disaster recovery service is a must. Without a reliable contingency plan, your business is susceptible to outages at any time.

Historically, disaster recovery solutions necessitated ownership of multiple data centres, armies of staff and literally tons of equipment, incurring spends of up to 50% of the entire IT budget. For many businesses, it was tempting to cut corners…

However, with our Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and managed hosting solutions, you can extend your infrastructure to one or more of our secure data centres, giving you flexible recovery options enabling you to retrieve your services quickly. For example, “standby” VMs (or physical servers) are kept in lock-step with your source business environment, thereby providing a rapidly recoverable service.

  • Near-instant service recovery
  • Ability to protect and recover anywhere
  • Especially useful for protecting virtual machines and VDI environments.
  • A cost-effective and reliable solution for both Windows physical and virtual environments
  • Perform on-going & automated DR checks, without having to manually fail-over the business
  • Restore services to dissimilar platforms, in remote locations, if required
  • Customisable SLAs to meet your exact needs.


With our two ISO-certified data centre facilities and highly skilled staff, we offer a complete range of cloud and hosted services - from cost-effective online backup solutions (see above) to full Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings.

As a dynamic and agile organisation, we can tailor our solutions to fulfil any client’s requirements. The list of services is therefore limitless.

In addition, our primary data centre is replicated and backed up to our secondary facility located using a choice of replication technologies – depending on the exact customer requirements including; SAN-to-SAN replication, VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM), Veeam and Neverfail.

We have also implemented Exchange database availability groups to increase email resilience for hosted and non-hosted clients.


Good consulting means better business efficiency. Our consultants have a minimum of ten years in IT consulting, giving them real-world experience to back up their skills and knowledge.

Fully ITIL accredited – and with extensive experience with blue-chip clients – they provide a level of quality and standards that match the big five consulting firms. With our people, you'll feel at ease knowing that experience and common sense is on your side.

We listen to you and gather your requirements systematically. We then offer independent, objective advice as a result of our structured research and analysis process.

Comprehensive IT strategy

An up-to-date IT strategy is key to maintaining a competitive edge in a dynamic business environment. With our valuable industry knowledge, we can help with the upfront thinking that lays the foundation for a realistic long-term vision. Our IT strategy also delivers short- term benefits by enabling you to make immediate and cost-effective decisions.

Streamlined project management

Solid project management is the keystone of our services. All communications, IT and consulting projects are overseen by a single Project Manager using standardised processes to ensure consistency across the business.

Fresh and relevant reports

We undertake the relevant research and then publish reports that give business leaders a clear understanding of the most effective IT solutions, in the context of their specific industries.

Our consultants provide targeted analysis aimed at generating more business value and new sources of competitive advantage: detailed research that is objective and credible.

Example reports include: