I.T. Services

We offer Cloud (‘as a service’ offerings), managed help desk facilities as well as hosted solutions and bespoke IT consultancy.

Help DeskHelp Desk

Together with the efforts of our experienced help desk team, our ITIL-structured service desk system guarantees rapid response, fast ticket resolution and two-hour delivery of hardware in central London.

Help DeskCloud

From straightforward back-up and disaster recovery services to the architecture and implementation of full-scale IaaS solutions, we have the people and the process necessary to deliver your cloud project on time and on budget, with commensurate ongoing support.

Hosted ServicesHosted Services

Our hosted IT services enable organisations with on-site infrastructure to offload all this IT management overhead onto our experts. This removes the complexity and inefficiency of running an in-house team, whilst increasing levels of service and simplifying IT delivery either through a pay-as-you-go model, or Yearly/Quarterly/Monthly, agreement.

Our hosted services include everything from Microsoft Office and Exchange to the SharePoint collaboration suite, all delivered complete with full support.

IT consultancyBespoke Consultancy

Each of our consultants has several years’ IT delivery experience in legal and professional service businesses – typically as an end-user customer.

Whether it's a complete IT strategy or a stand-alone project, you can rely on us to understand your requirements, advise on the best solution and deliver on time and on budget – benefiting your company for years to come.

Software Development

We have also developed a sound, repeatable, and proven process for the development of custom software, using popular programming frameworks such as .NET and LAMP, plus market leading workflow and testing/reporting tools.

We work to the principles laid out in ISO, Agile SCRUM and TOGAF to reduce coding-time and control quality. We are also specialists in business software solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint and the windream® content and document management system.

And the end-product of this software development expertise? Typical cost-savings for a Charles Street client could be up to 25%, with the added benefits of improved time-to-market, enhanced documentation, true continuity of service and better application support.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Using best-in-class tools such as Birst, Tableau and Qlikview, we can harness the structured data your business generates. This can help you improve decision-making, management, regulatory compliance and customer service. Our Business Intelligence offerings have helped many clients spot new opportunities to improve operational efficiency and visibility.

Document Management

Our document management solutions are easy to implement and use. Above all, they’re being used all over the City today, from small to medium-sized companies to large law firms and major clearing banks. Heading our suite of products is windream®, a world-class solution that enables us to provide scalable, affordable solutions – and fast.

Business Process Management

Our business analysts will work with you to define, document and improve your processes and workflows through automation. We will recommend the best BPM methodology for your business, using it to guide your project to completion. Then, we will design and implement your solution, providing ongoing application support, should you need it.

Customer Relationship Management

We can deliver end-to-end CRM solutions covering everything from marketing through to sales and ongoing customer service. We guarantee a user-friendly experience, prioritising fast, easy access to information at every stage, with the emphasis on real-time, actionable data.

Microsoft Sharepoint Development

We have a long history of developing intranet and extranet-based solutions on the core feature set of Microsoft SharePoint, the world’s leading enterprise collaboration platform. If you need deep expertise in SharePoint application design and implementation, contact us today.

Windream Development

As the sole certified UK distributor of the content and document management solution, windream®, we offer a level of expertise and experience you simply won’t find elsewhere in the City. Its tight integration with the Windows operating system is just one reason why we recommend its use in the legal and professional services industries.

Fully Managed Development Teams

By offering you a fully managed development team that can scale instantly, according to your needs, we provide a flexible alternative to running large in-house teams of developers and project managers. The result is higher service levels, faster delivery and opportunities for large cost savings by switching to a fixed-feestructure.

Bespoke Software Development

If you need a truly bespoke piece of software, whether it’s part of a bigger project inside your business or even a new business itself, we can put together a team of managers and developers that you can trust to deliver. We harness the full capabilities of technologies from commercial programs such as SharePoint and windream® to the open-source LAMP stack, building bespoke solutions that meet your specific needs.

Process & Quality Control

By using industry standard methodologies to control quality, we can guarantee accurate interpretation of your needs and fast, reliable delivery of the product. Our ISO, Agile and TOGAF practices ensure that every project is managed efficiently and you are involved at every stage.