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Tech Trends 2015


The view from a big five consulting firm on the big trends in business technology

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2015 Business Trends: Business Technology Whiteboard

Technology Advice

A bite-sized video bulletin offering more insight on todays tech trends

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Top IT Trends of 2015

Avnet Inc

Avnet’s video summary of the big trends as they see them

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Software-Defined Data Centers Explained‬

Avnet Inc

One of the year’s undisputed hot topics explained simply by Avnet

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The 8 Critical Elements of Big Data Success‬

Avnet Inc

Big data made small enough to swallow, in this bite-sized video rundown

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In-Memory Computing Explained‬

Avnet Inc

One of the more esoteric IT trends demystified in another great Avnet video

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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)‬

Avnet Inc

Some interesting insights relating to the biggest trend in business mobility

White papers

Download PDFs of our latest white papers:

  • Choosing The Right Technology Solution

    published on 09 February 2016

    Today there are various technologies offering different approaches to data protection and disaster recovery. When it comes to business continuity, it is imperative to choose the right solution for your business needs.

    Download PDF (3 MB)

  • Common Disaster Recovery Plan Misconceptions

    published on 09 February 2016

    There are certain primary misconceptions regarding a DR plan, in this document we explore all of these and their corrective actions in detail.

    Download PDF (466 KB)

  • Neverfail® IT Continuity Engine

    published on 09 February 2016

    This technical white paper is designed to help the right personnel better understand how Neverfail IT Continuity Engine (ITCE) keeps critical applications and business services running.

    Download PDF (4 MB)

  • Protecting VMware® vCenter Server™ from Downtime

    published on 09 February 2016

    With relentless expansion of the internet, application and system availability continue to become more and more critical. We look at why and discuss the most effective ways to support this.

    Download PDF (4 MB)

Coming soon

  • About Charles Street Solutions

    The lowdown on our company, our history and the services we offer today.

  • CSS Cloud Insights 2016

    Original research and all-new findings on cloud in professional services.

  • Gartner Strategic Technology Trends for 2015 Onwards

    Nobody knows the future better than Gartner. As soon as it’s available, you’ll find it here.

  • The Economist Cyber Security Survey

    A commercial view on the all-important topic of IT security, from The Economist.

Tech Trends 2015

2015 Business Trends: Business Technology Whiteboard

Top IT Trends of 2015

Software-Defined Data Centers Explained‬

The 8 Critical Elements of Big Data Success‬

In-Memory Computing Explained‬

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)‬